Child Abuse And Neglect Of Children

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Everyday, approximately 5 children die from abuse and neglect. Child abuse is when a child is physically injured or sexually abused. Sadly, there are many different forms of child abuse and neglect. There is physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, substance abuse, and emotional abuse. This abuse is very well known but most people don 't realize that the people around you could be in that situation. Imagine being a young child, old enough to understand right from wrong, being abused and having to hide in the dark in fear. The abuser usually makes threats to make the victim keep their mouth shut. This abuse leaves children scarred and broken.
First, there is physical abuse. This form of abuse is most known. This abuse involves the abuser striking, kicking, hitting, or shaking a child. Some cases of physical abuse could be holding a child underwater, tying up a child, burning a child, throwing objects at a child, or starving the child. Some results are abusive head trauma, also known as shaken baby syndrome. Shaken baby syndrome is an injury to the baby caused by being shaken violently and repeatedly. This can cause swelling of the brain, internal bleeding, detached retinas leading to blindness, mental retardation, and death. Shaken baby syndrome is one of the main causes of death from child abuse.
Secondly, there is sexual abuse. This abuse is when the child is raped or forced to commit sexual acts. Actually, any sort of sexual contact, grabbing or touching in inappropriate…

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