Child Abuse And Neglect Of The United States

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Child Abuse and Neglect in the United States David is a 10 years-old boy doing his homework at the kitchen table. The homework consisted of mathematical problems, a short reading and answer question, and memorizing the 50 Capitals of the United States. All the assignments for homework were due on Friday morning, so he quickly finished his homework so he could get to bed. Around 10:00 pm, David’s father came home from work, checked his son’s homework and saw many errors. He immediately went up to David’s bedroom and kicked open the door. Yelling at David, “You see this homework, you have many mistakes in math, your answers to your short readings are not correct and you did get all the 50 capitals right!!, you are worthless, stupid, and a big mistake of being born.” David’s father then proceeded to hit him with a wire hanger in both legs, and arms, the face and on his buttocks. David’s dad yelled again “Tomorrow morning when you get up, you will not eat breakfast and go to school hungry!!” David cried the rest of the night, hurting in pain, then eventually falling asleep. Child abuse and neglect is a big problem in the United States. Child abuse is sexual, physical, emotional, and even verbal maltreatment towards the children. When food, clothing, and shelter is not provided this is termed neglect. Many children in the United States are abused and neglected by parents, grandparents, guardians, and friends of the family. Many children suffer abuse such as beating, starved,
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