Child Abuse And Neglect Of The United States That Should Demand Direct Attention

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Problem Statement
Child abuse and neglect is a significant problem in the United States that should demand direct attention. There are approximately three million child abuse reports made each year, and these reports involve more than six million children. Out of four to five children that die daily, 70 percent are under three years of age. There are 90 percent of cases involving of children who know who know their perpetrator. The main factors of child abuse are physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. In many cases involving sexual abuse, there is usually not any medical evidence to be shown, and there are usually not any witness due to the sexual acts taking place in private places. That is why it is considered the “hidden” form of abuse. Neglect is a type of maltreatment related to the failure to provide needed, age-appropriate care. In comparison to other types of cases, child abuse cases have distinctive characteristics that make them different. For example, children make “perfect” victims (ncjrs). Children are usually unable to defend or protect themselves due to their mental and physical developmental levels. Other relating factors include that children do not feel comfortable disclosing the abuse, or they only feel the need to tell part of the actual story. Referring back to the fact that most cases involve children knowing their perpetrator has a prime effect on children disclosing the abuse. An emotional bond often exists between the child and the offender, and…

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