Child Abuse And Neglect Within The United States

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This paper discusses several articles, as well as some college texts, that define and illuminate the four main types of child abuse that exist within the United States. It also discusses some of the effects of abuse and attempts to offer some solutions for this very prevalent societal problem. The definitions of child abuse and neglect vary, based on the context in which they have been studied. Some studies suggest that neglect is the most prevalent type of child abuse in this country. Kaplan, Schene, DePanfilis, and Gilmore assert that neglect becomes chronic when its occurrence is not only ongoing, but seriously deprives a child of basic physical, developmental, and/or emotional needs by someone who cares for them. Whatever the definitions, all referenced texts in this essay agree that child abuse, its impacts, as well as its victims, merit consideration in the context of solutions and overall prevention. Keywords: child abuse, neglect, physical abuse, emotional maltreatment

Delineating Child Abuse in the U. S.
There are a plethora of life altering events that can befall a child in the United States. Some of those are poverty, lack of equitable educational opportunities, and child abuse. The information in this essay will focus on the latter. The advent and meteoric rise of social media has quickened the pace at which children can be exploited by sexual predators. Parents who have chosen to prioritize things other than the welfare of their…
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