Child Abuse And Protection By Tommy Mackay & Liz Malcolm Psychological Journal

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Have you ever looked at a child in the eyes and sensed something, just something, was not right? Have you ever been that child that has something to share but you do not know who to talk to or what to say? This goes on all the time with children of today’s day and age. I call it the new parent age. The new parent believes that it is ok to punish the child in very demining ways. This is what is known as child abuse to the state. In Tommy MacKay & Liz Malcolm psychological journal entitled “Guest Editorial: Child abuse and protection – the need for practice-based evidence in educational psychology” in the academic journal Educational & Child Psychology they discuss the majority of the issues we currently have and how they tie into educational psychology.
In this journal the authors discusses different article about child abuse and protection and how it relates to educational psychology. They also speak on the need for practice-based evidence in educational psychology. The journal takes you on history ride of child abuse and protection as it has been looked at and reformed over the years. The beginning of the journal starts off by talking about how child abuse and protection is central to the practice of educational psychology. The author then go on to address not only is talked about in individual papers but also in two themed journal issues prior to this special edition their article is published in. The journal article also covers a paper that considers the issues of mental…
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