Child Abuse And The Children

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Child abuse the two words that breaks everyone’s hearts when heard. Thinking of an innocent and helpless child getting abused has to be one of the most hopeless things you can think of. When think of child abuse I think of a child in danger at his/her home getting hit by a parent, guardian, and/or other family member. However, hitting a child is not the only abuse a person can do, there is also sexual abuse. My story with child abuse is one that has not been spoken of with people outside of my family or to my church, but it is a story that needs to be told.
Most of the common facts on abuse of any kind are noticed at the child’s school. Some of the signs of child abuse are easy to notice; fear, anxiety depression, not wanting to go home and aggression towards adults that get too close. However, some signs of abuse can be covered up by clothing. The child could have bruises, burns, or even broken bones. Since schools are usually the first to notice the abuse they are the first to report it, but with over 453 reports being sent in only one eight are acknowledged. The one eight that gets recognized makes you think about the other children still on the situation.
Child abuse is considered a crime, corruption, wrong and exploitation. When a child is abused from a certain age the results could have the child end up with severe mental issues. However, having a mental disorder is not like having a child of the age of three die of abuse because the parents did not bother with taking
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