Child Abuse And The United States

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An Introduction to Child Abuse in the United States Child abuse is a global problem Child abuse in the U.S. is a shame to our American society and an unnecessary act that achieves nothing but bad actions towards another person. In the U.S. child abuse has increased along the years and just seem to be getting more horrendous. It is a recurring issue that has been happening all around the world to innocent young children and most of these cases are being kept quiet about because they are too scared to tell someone what is really going on behind a closed door. Child abuse on a child is just as bad to someone who is witnessing it and still chooses not to take a stand and help them out. The government should be against child abuse because it makes children feel unsafe and ruins several children 's lives.
Between the different types of abuse, it is young children around the ages of 5-12 who are most at risk for abuse. According to an article based on child abuse “The HHS indicates in Child Maltreatment 2008 states CPS agencies received about 3.3 million reports of child maltreatment involving 6 million children.”(Doak, Defining Child Abuse and Domestic Violence) Child abuse whether it is physical, emotional, neglect or sexual it usually is caused by either parents, guardians or others who take care of the child. Physical abuse is distinguished by injuries such as beating or by harsh discipline. Pushing around a child excessively by either smacking, beating, shaking, shoving,…
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