Essay on Child Abuse Case Study: Peter Connelly

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Child abuse does not discriminate against a child because of age, sex, religion, or socioeconomic background. Every child is vulnerable to abuse. Parents today face the possibility that someone they know or a stranger may hurt or take advantage of their children. Research indicates that as many as one out of every four children will be the victims of some kind of abuse (National Child Abuse Statistics). Furthermore, one of the biggest ironies of child abuse is that the family, a child’s primary source of care, love, and security, can also be their most taunting experience. This was the case of 17 month old baby, Peter Connelly. Throughout his short life span, he suffered from neglect and physical abuse that ultimately caused …show more content…
What they did not know was the torture that Peter was suffering from his stepfather. Torture his mother covered up. Furthermore, Peter’s stepfather sliced off his fingernails with pliers, trained his Rottweiler’s to attack him, and broke his spine in two by throwing him across the room. A neighbor stated “At night I would hear him crying and head butting the wooden bars on his cot. It went on for hours.” On August 3rd, 2007 Peter’s stepfather punched him in the face so hard, that he swallowed his front teeth. He was taken to the emergency room but it was too late, the boy was already dead. An autopsy revealed Peter had severe cuts on his head caused by either a dog or human bite. He had bruises all over his body. He had blackened finger and toenails. One finger was missing a nail and the skin had been stripped. (Timeline Leading to Toddler Peter Connelly's Tragedy) It is tough for many people to comprehend why anyone would abuse a seventeen month old baby, but it is a problem that keeps rising. According to the National Child Abuse Statistics, the number of deaths per day due to child abuse increased from 3.33 billion in 1995 to 4.82 billion in 2007 and the numbers are still rising. Above all, Peter’s mother and the stepfather were sentenced to a minimum of twelve years to indeterminate sentences. Peter’s case brought notoriety in London, people were shocked at the fact that a mother would allow her boyfriend to kill and torture her

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