Child Abuse Essay

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Effects of Abuse on Babies, Infants, and Toddlers Later in Life

The causes of child abuse on infants, babies, and toddlers are catastrophic. There are several people who get abused from infancy to adultance. Each person who gets abused and survives the trauma is left with devastating memories. Many abused children come from homes that are disturbed, chaotic, and violent. (Markham). A child who has been abused is more likely to grow up into an angry teenager who gets into fights and has other difficulties, which may carry into adulthood to cause more problems (Dalton). Abusive behavior, abusive parents often have experienced abuse during their own childhoods. It is estimated approximately one third of
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Numerous studies have demonstrated that experiencing child abuse can lead to a range of internalizing and externalizing behavior problems in later life (Liebemburg). Parents with past history of abuse may repeat their own experiences with their children if they do not come to terms with it and learn new coping strategies and skills to prevent abuse. The effects of child abuse can be devastating, and their can be many problems left on a child’s life that can effect them in the long run. Child abuse brings many problems in life as an adult. Academic difficulties, learning problems, social withdrawal, suicide attempts, and aggressive behavior are common effects of child abuse. The most common effect of them all is depression. Depression can be caused by many different factors such as emotional, physical, or environmental neglect. As if, the parent doesn’t show affection to the child, they may feel the lack of parenting and feel unwanted or not important. Depression and anxiety may make a person more likely to smoke, abuse alcohol or illicit drugs, or overeat. High risk behaviors, in turn, can lead to long team physical health problems such as sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, and obesity. Children with depression may also have low self esteem. Children may have low self esteem for a number of reasons. They may be getting teased at school or even by their own parents and family. Although children can be depressed for many reasons, new evidence suggests that there are

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