Child Abuse

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Child abuse has been the most intriguing issue in most of the third world countries. The primary individual who receives more trauma, humiliation and stigma is the child. Abuse is not a good way to support the growth and development of the children. It is not also supported by the people namely social workers because of the negative effects that it may bring to the children which might reflect in their future self. Moreover, there are programs and organization that promotes the activities against the child abuse.

Background and Problem Statement

Child abuse is not only defined as the physical mistreatment or sexual aggressiveness, but also involved the child’s feeling of being
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Significance of the Study

Through addressing the prevalence of child abuse in the society, the people can be oriented about the effects of child abuse for their children. Moreover, the study is a great tool to voice out the different nature of child abuse, its existence in any parts of the world, and recommending ideas that can reduce the existence of child abuse.

Literature Review

The child abuse may range in physical (involves shaking, hitting, beating, burning, or biting a child), emotional (involves blaming or putting down a child, yelling, or shaming), sexual (incest in sexual activity, exposure to sexual stimulation which is not appropriate for the child’s age), and neglect (failure to attend the needs of a child). However, everyone can stop the child abuse. The parents who are under the stress might be the first people to show abuse on their children. With the child abuse, the child’s care, education, relationship, and safety are in peril. The consequences on children with the abusive environment, often the children are expected to behave like an adult. If the children failed to perform on the expectation of the parents, the children are often subject to punish just to control them. Apparently, the abusive parents have no idea on the right ways to teach the right behavior for their child. Moreover, the parents and caretakers abuse the children as the one responsible for their anger
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