Child Abuse

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When Is Discipline, Child Abuse? Many people have noticed that parents are starting to get more frustrated with with their lives and are taking it out on their children. Parents start to under think their actions and instead of disciplining their children, they are abusing their children. There are many precautions that should be taken when dealing with situations like these. Many experiments can be done in order to determine if abuse is taking place in the home. In order to determine child abuse, authorities usually look for bruises or broken bones in bad families but child abuse is determined by factors that are sometimes unknown. Child abuse is defined by internet dictionaries as physical, emotional, or sexual mistreatment of…show more content…
HELPGUIDE.ORG states that sexual abuse is known to be the most hidden type of abuse there is. The reason that sexual abuse tends to be hidden is because of the fact that the abused person is ashamed of and guilty of the abuse because they sometimes feel that it was their fault. The sexual abuse doesn’t necessarily need to contain body contact, verbal sexual abuse also scars individuals. (HELPGUIDE.ORG) It is important to know that individuals are able to determine when a child is being abused. Children give off many signs for different types of abuse. Emotionally abused children are often anxious and withdrawn. They are distant from their parent or guardian and act like adults or act “inappropriately infantile” which means they suck their thumb, rock, and throw tantrums. Physically abused children often have bruises, they are often paranoid for something bad to happen. They usually don’t want to touch people and they wear clothing to cover up their injuries. For example, they will wear a long-sleeved shirt when it is extremely hot outside. Children that have been abused sexually have trouble walking or sitting, they show that they know about sexual acts and make those efforts with other people. They usually have STDS or maybe a pregnancy by the age of 14. Once it has been determined that a child has been abused in any one of the

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