Child Abuse In Foster Care

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However, when abused children are removed from their family and placed into the foster care system, they may never see their family again. These children are not allowed to talk to their biological family during the investigation process. Consequently, the children’s psychological difficulties originate from the family’s direct or indirect involvement.
Is the foster care system adjudicating for the needs of children or pretending to? According to the study conducted by Kristin Turney and Christopher Wilderman, “First, children placed in foster care had more mental and physical health conditions than children not placed in foster care.” (Turney & Wilderman, 2016, p. 5) Children remain shuffled around in the foster care from home to home. Then, the children given behavioral medications to counter act the trauma infused around them. Maybe society developed a “not my problem attitude” and refuses to look at the situation of these children in the foster care system with any depth. However, if the government chooses to abolish child abuse, the provisions for restructuring the entire family needs accessibility for reconstruction. Therefore, no hesitation when it comes to providing for these children and educating their parents or family on ways to cultivate a nurturing homestead. The United States become known for being the country of opportunity and cultivating the life where dreams come true. Yet, children remain confiscate from their family to prevent abuse and move around
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