Child Abuse Is A Serious Concern Of Society

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Child abuse is a serious concern of society because of the negative effects on later social and psychological functioning. Particularly, the concern of ‘the cycle of violence hypothesis’ which is one of the most influential conceptual models for antisocial behaviour in the social and behavioural science (DeLisi, Kosloski, Vaughn, Caudill, & Trulson, 2014; Lansford, Miller-Johnson, Berlin, Dodge, Bates, & Pettit, 2007). Numerous studies have documented the association between childhood physical abuse and later aggressive behavior and violence delinquency in adolescent (Lansford et al. 2007; Salzinger, Rosario, & Feldman, 2007; Crooks, Scott, Wolfe, Chiodo, & Killip, 2007). One of the most pervasive claims in literature for the
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While the link between childhood physical abuse and sexual offending in adolescence has been well established, not all the abuse victims has become victimized in their adolescence (Stewart, Livingston, & Dennison, 2008), therefore, understanding the differential impact of childhood abuse is essential for studying sexual violence offending in adolescence.

Past studies on childhood abuse and violence offending in adolescence
Many studies have examined the personal histories of sexual violence offenders in the hope of uncovering events that may influence the development of tendency to commit sexual offenses (Jespersen, Lalumière, & Seto, 2009). One of the most frequently discussed events in explanations of adolescent sexual violence offending is the experienced of physical or sexual abuse in childhood. DeLisi et al. (2010) found that adolescence with greater childhood traumatic experiences such as physical abuse and rape victimization were significantly more likely to engage in sexual delinquency. In a comparative study of juvenile sex offenders in residential treatment with and without CSA history, Burton, Duty, and Leibowitz (2011) found that juvenile sex offenders who had been victimised had much greater psychopathology, including worse trauma histories, early exposure to pornography, sexual aggression, deviant sexual
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