Child Abuse Is A Serious Problem With Devastating Consequences

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Child Abuse Prevention Stated Problem Child abuse and neglect is a serious problem with devastating consequences, both short and long term (CDC, 2014). As professionals and mandated reporters, it is imperative for registered nurses to be aware of child abuse and neglect as well as have an understanding of the signs and symptoms of child maltreatment. Using evidence-based practice regarding proven strategies that reduce child abuse will decrease the short and long term effects of child maltreatment. When approaching a topic as serious as child abuse, it is important for nurses to understand their role in reporting and preventing further child abuse. This paper will examine child abuse prevention strategies as they relate to nursing by further examining nurses’ knowledge and experiences in reporting child abuse. Literature Review Within the review of literature, twenty - six articles met the inclusion criteria and were evaluated. The four interventions that showed effectiveness in preventing child maltreatment include: home-visiting, parent education, abusive head trauma prevention, and multi-component interventions. Three of the interventions showed effectiveness in reducing risk factors including: home visiting, parent education and child sexual abuse prevention. The following three articles have been described in detail within our literature review. The first article, entitled “Preventing child abuse and neglect with parent training: evidence and opportunities,”

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