Child Abuse Is A Violation Of The Basic Rights Of Children And Teenagers

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Child abuse comprises a violation of the basic rights of children and teenagers, and has been a major social problem in the world’s societies since time immemorial. To most of us, the notion of an adult using violence against a child is both repulsive and deplorable, and the worse the behavior is, the more intolerable it seems. But the incidence of teachers, caregivers and parents deliberately and repeatedly committing acts that harm the very children they are supposed to be nurturing is an unfortunate element of human society that cuts across all lines of class, ethnicity and generations. Every individual has an inborn right to psychological and physical integrity, and protection from all forms of violence. Despite the measures taken by governments and international organizations to enact laws to prevent child abuse, it is an issue that continues to exist, but rarely gets much political or media attention. We know that for various social and cultural reasons contribute to child abuse. In this essay, by looking at statistics, cause and effects, I will explore how prevalent child abuse is in America, and how the issue compares to another country with different societal and cultural constraints, India. We will also look at the past and present situations of the American attitudes on child abuse.
Child abuse happens more often than we realize. In June 2014, a man from Montana was charged with the brutal murder by ‘spiking her like a football’ (Fox News). While this may be one…

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