Child Abuse Is The Worst Thing That Can Be Stopped

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Child Abuse in Nigeria Uzuazokaro Anthony Eli Bacon Thursday 11:10am Central Idea: Child abuse is generally the worst thing that can happen to a child, to a country people say, but they just say it; especially in Nigeria where they encourage it even if they do not agree that they do. This act of wickedness has been the order of the day in Nigeria and people turn deaf ears to it. They pretend it’s not there but it is. My aim is to give my audience a breakdown of what goes on Nigeria that results in child abuse and how it can be stopped. I. Introduction: The World Health Organization defines child abuse as “an act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm to a child”. The major types of child abuse and neglect range from physical…show more content…
B. The average age for child trafficking ranges from 6 to 15 years. C. This situation is made worse by the 6.2 percent urban growth rate and about $320 per capita income. D. More than 70 percent of the Nigerian population live below $1 per day or worse, absolute poverty. E. A huge number of children are “chronically malnourished”. 1. 58% of boys suffer from malnutrition. 2. 44% percent of girls also suffer from malnutrition. III. The traditional occupation is farming and trading in Nigeria. A. In Northern Nigeria, children are made to work on farm plantations. 1. This kids are sometimes drugged to work extra hours. 2. Most times they have to work for 48 hours without a break. B. In order to be taught the Quran, the boys have to beg on the streets and give the proceeds to the Mallams that educate them. C. The girls have to hawk food stuffs or other valuables on the streets to be qualifies for marriage. IV. In the Eastern part of Nigeria, the idea of giving out children to be maids is very rampant. A. This children between the ages of 5 to 15 are given the responsibility to take care of new born infants. B. They are given the responsibility to handle electronic generators when there is power failure. C. They are the first to wake in the morning and the last to go to bed at night every day. D. When they fail to perform any task given to them they get seriously beaten up, starved, or tortured. E. You could say that these kids act like robots. V. Because of these
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