Child Abuse Is Very Common And Causes Many Problems

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Child abuse has been revealed in different manners: physically, emotionally, child neglect and sexually. Today child abuse is very common and causes many problems. Child abuse mostly happens at the victim’s house with his or her own family members. Child abuse has many causes: parents having mental illness, as an experience of violence from family members or stress. Child abuse constitutes of physical or mental injury of the child under circumstances that show that the child health is in danger or at serious risk. Child abuse can be, physically, verbally, mentally, or sexually.
Child abuse is very dangerous and affects many children today and there are many children that are affected by family members or close relatives. It is very difficult to imagine a grown up intentionally hurting an innocent child. Many children in the United States are abused everyday. Those abusive cases we know about are the only ones reported and there are many other cases that are not being talked about because no one knows about it. Often children are afraid of complaining or getting help because they are scared of being more hurt. In many cases, children know their abusers but they are afraid of reporting them and it mostly happens at their own homes too. These kinds of situations make it difficult for the children to get help and to speak up their mind. It is very important to know the signs of child abuse because many kids are emotionally attached to their abusers and do not want them to get…

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