Child Abuse

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July 5, 2012 According to child help (1959-2012) Children around the world are suffering from child abuse and neglect. It is reported that each year 3.3 million reports are made in the United States about child abuse involving 6 million children; this is due to reports that may contain more than two children. Statistic show that every ten second there is a report made that involves child abuse, more than five children that die is a result of child abuse, and approximately 80% of children that dies are under the age of 4. Child abuse comes in many forms and they are listed as, physical, medical, educational, and emotional. Physical abuse is a form of a neglect it is when the parents or care givers are not…show more content…
This will also become a cycle when these children become adults because they will find it more difficult to find good paying jobs. Another form of abuse is medical; if the parent or care giver does not take the time to take the child to the doctor, letting them get the necessary vaccines, keeping up with dental visits, or mental health appointments. If the parent fails to provide their child with the basic medical attention that is needed, that parent or care give is depriving the child of the medical care. When a child is sick and in need of medical assistance and the parent purposely does not take them to the hospital that is a crime in itself. Sometimes people religious beliefs about medical treatment can also play a part in medical neglect. If the child is seriously ill they are entitle to protection by the law to get the treatment they deserve. The parent does not have to right to make the sole decision of whether or not their child should receive medical care when

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