Child Abuse

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Child Abuse Abstract Thousands of children are abused every year and most of the time by members of their own families. A recent study carried out by the WHO estimated 1,273,000 children in America had been victims of some form of abuse in the year 1984. This report was based on projected or actual figures which were supplied by the official state liaisons for child abuse and neglect. It suggested a noticeable increase in the number of cases, up from an estimated 1,007,000 in 1981. The figures are frightening, however, they do point to a new found awareness about the tragedy of child abuse. A problem that has long been kept secret is now being uncovered. In this paper; types of child abuse, legal mandates, its risk factors and causes, effects, diagnosis, treatment and prevention are discussed. Child Abuse Introduction Child abuse is one of the most increasing social problems nowadays all over the world. Few issues generate the concern, anger, and frustration as the abuse or neglect of children. According to data from the US Department of Health and Human Services, six million children have been abused and neglected in the year 2009 and majority of these children needed action right away (US Department of Health and Human Services 2010). Legal Mandates A relatively new concept, child abuse has been recently designated as a serious public health concern (Barriere, 2005). Both federal and state agencies have created definitions for child abuse. The

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