Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Act

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Joseph Meadowcroft
Research Essay
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Childhood Abuse

Every child will certainly have many life experiences before they are mature. A child is very susceptible when developing, at every corner there are dangerous things from the environment surrounding them which might seriously impact their entire life. As definition in the Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act: Child abuse is any action from adult to a child that could be harmful to the child’s body or mental state (kidsmatter). In 2012, they were a reported 3.6 million investigations by Child Protective Services agency’s involving more than 6 million kids. In the U.S, an estimated 899,000 children (24.97%) were recognized to be targets of child abuse (childhelp). In general, there are four leading kinds of child abuse: sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional maltreatment, and neglect. Child neglect is a situation that the child’s caretaker pays little to no attention when the child needs them, neglect is especially detrimental when it is from parents of the child. Physical child abuse, is an adult’s action which causes noticeable or possible destructiveness to the child. Sexual abuse in children, is any sexual action from a caretaker with a youth. Emotional maltreatment is identified as a behavior of child abuse that affects life, social, or psychological social skills of a child (Corby- Brian 5). We can categorize the roots reasons of child abuse into three unalike parts: ecological causes, parental…
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