Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Act

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Childhood Abuse

Every child will certainly have many life experiences before they are mature. A child is very susceptible when developing, at every corner there are dangerous things from the environment surrounding them which might seriously impact their entire life. As definition in the Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act: Child abuse is any action from adult to a child that could be harmful to the child’s body or mental state (kidsmatter). In 2012, they were a reported 3.6 million investigations by Child Protective Services agency’s involving more than 6 million kids. In the U.S, an estimated 899,000 children (24.97%) were recognized to be targets of child abuse (childhelp).
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Besides these issues, child abuse also has dangerous impacts to other parts of the kid’s life, for example: behavior effects, physical effects and emotional effects (Corby-Brian 12).

This paper will discuss about the causes, and bad impacts of child abuse as well as provide suggestions to help the victims.

It is completely surprising to know that one of the causes is due to the child’s parents. Actually, if either of the kid’s dad or mom falls into an abusing condition such as alcohol or drugs, these children will not be able to be given proper attention to develop as a normal child. With adult substance abuse the child could be neglected or beaten lacking any guilt. Based on the report from the Department of Health and Human Services, in 2012, approximately 81.3% abused child cases were made by at least one of the child’s parents (kidsmatter). There was a story about a twelve-year old girl, named Joan, who had experienced extreme neglect during her younger years by her parents. It was so bad that she needed to be sent to a treatment center to help build her back up psychologically. Even After over a year of receiving treatment at the Center Joan has still not recovered completely and her parents lost their daughter to social services (Higgins, Martina 22).

Next source of child abuse comes from the ecological causes. Certainly, a family in poverty situations has always struggled with serious problems in finance. Therefore, children starting
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