Child Abuse Prevention Program Grant Proposal

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Child abuse is still a significant problem in United States. There are 2.9 million child abuse reports to Child Protective Services in 2005 and 825,000 indicated cases. Child abuse has profound impact on the child’s current and future development. The consequences include health and physical effects, intellectual and cognitive impact, and emotional, psychological and behavioral consequences. To improve parenting practice of first time parents is an important way to address this problem. The rate of child abuse is highest for children between birth and 3 years of age. A new Cognitive Behavioral Parent Training Program for Child Abuse Prevention targeted at first time mothers is formed by absorbing elements from existed parent
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Behavioral category includes programs that teach parents behavioral strategies in order to manage their children. Cognitive behavioral category includes programs that combine behavioral strategies with cognitive strategies. Cognitive strategies help parents to restructure their thinking about themselves and their children. Multimodel category includes programs that have further components in addition to behavioral or cognitive strategies. Humanistic category includes Webster-Stratton programs (Hughes, 2004) and programs with video –tape modeling methods.
We absorb elements from previous parenting training programs and form a Cognitive Behavioral Parent Training Program (CBPTP) for Child Abuse Prevention targeting first time mothers. Previous evaluation studies show that cognitive behavioral parenting programs are more effective than other kinds of parenting programs with respect to child abuse treatment and intervention (Barlow, 2006). Most of parenting programs specifically designed for child abuse problems are used as a tool for treatment of parents who have already exhibited maltreatment behavior and their children who have suffered maltreatment, for example, Abuse-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (AF-CBT). The most appropriate target population of AF-CBT is physically abusive parents and their school-aged children (Kolko, 1996). Here the CBPTP is given to first
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