Child Abuse Report

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On September 21st, 2015 at approximately 10:00 AM, I, Investigator James Poffel was assigned a case in reference to a child abuse report. The reporting party was Dan Hall, Muskogee Public School’s Police Chief. The victim is twelve (12) years old, Rackell Holmes. Officer Ken Hughey was the initial responding officer and was dispatched to the 7th and 8th Grade Center in reference to initiating the police report. Rackell hand wrote a letter to her teacher, Mrs. Webb, disclosing how she needed help. Rackell stated in the letter she needs help because her mom, Shantria Holmes, hits, cusses, fusses, and is trying to kill her. Rackell in the letter described not feeling herself and being depressed because of how her mom speaks and interacts with…show more content…
Rackell explained that she fell asleep while doing homework. She woke up and began studying for a science test she had coming up. This was when her mom came into her bedroom, telling her to go to cheer practice. Rackell explained to her mom that she has a test coming up and she would rather stay home and study. Her mom got mad and began screaming and yelling at her. Her mom took Rackell’s phone and left the room. When her mom reentered the room, her mom had a lighter in her hand. Her mom told her if she did not go to cheer practice that she would light “Rackell’s hair on fire.” She said she would watch her burn up in flames and then smash her head in. Rackell left outside to go to cheer practice, crying. Rackell’s cheer coach, Toyna Gibbins, saw her crying and enquired about what was going on and Rackell told her. As Rackell returned home from cheer practice, the argument continued. Her mom told her brother to relay a message to Rackell that she needed to take a shower and go to bed. Rackell said her mom asked Rackell to come with her to get dinner, but Rackell refused. Her mom brought her food home. Rackell ate and went to…show more content…
Rackell also provided information during her forensic interview about being sexually abused at a younger age, age 3, by her bio-dad, Omar Hawkins. Rackell stated she saw her bio-dad approximately one (1) month prior to being forensically interviewed. Rackell also stated her mom told her she will have to find a way to pay her mom, if she wants to continue living with her. I have since observed the forensic interviews that were conducted. The children have been placed in a safety plan and for the time being, the children have been removed from the home, while the case is being investigated. At this time, I have not yet interviewed Shantria. I have recently returned from a schedule leave of absence. I was informed that the children have since been returned home and are currently living back with the suspect.  Please observe the attached documents containing, the victim’s written statement to law enforcement, a copy of the victim’s outcry letter to the teacher, DHS case worker’s written statement, DVD copies of the forensic interviews. James Poffel
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