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Social Problems Child Abuse

Child abuse is the physical, sexual, emotional mistreatment, or neglect of children. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or also known as CDC defines child abuse as any act or series of acts by a parent or other caregiver that could result in harm to a child. Most child abuse occurs in a child's home, but it could also be found within organizations, schools, or communities that the child interacts with. There are four major categories of child abuse: neglect, physical abuse, psychological/emotional abuse, and also sexual abuse. In the story I selected, it shows many signs of sexual and physical abuse within a little girl and her older brother. Of course the mother
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It also says that he would bully the daughter by telling her if she told their parents that no one would believe her. This action really affected the child and confused her, making her shy and scared to confront the problem. Along with violence, poverty, inadequate housing, gender is also another issue that has become important and associated with child abuse, especially if the parent is single and/or poor. Unfortunately, more children are being raised in highly stressed families. Consequently child abuse and neglect is increasing dramatically.
In the story, it says that in the beginning the parents were together. But during the summer, they had gotten a divorce. So during the summer, the children would spend summers with their dad. Of course, the little girl didn’t want to stay because she knew her dad barely paid attention to her because he would always be at work. So the little girl would claim she had a stomach ache, urinate on herself, throw up or become unattractive to avoid her brother touching or abusing her while they were alone. Still the parents didn’t notice the signs that their daughter was trying to reach out to them. Although gender is associated with structural issues of child abuse, it also interacts with cultural issues.

Cultural factors are another issue many children experience in child abuse and neglect. Although not seen in the personal story that I
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