Child Abuse : The Unintentional Cover Up

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Child Abuse: The Unintentional Cover Up
Found all over the world, in every social economic class, child abuse is still present even though its terms and definitions have changed over the years. Child abuse is rarely reported by the kids or parents, but by responsible adults in authority over the victim. The poem “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke reflects the issue of child abuse, by portraying a young child’s attempt to normalize an abusive situation. Survival mechanisms used by children in abusive situations make discovery and treatment of abuse difficult. Abuse treatment demands early identification and reporting of possible victims. Education is the primary way to ensure effective, prompt reporting by required individuals. The law requires certain people to report potential abusive situations, but child abuse can and should be reported by any individual that suspects it. In order to reduce the statistic of child abuse, any person with authority over children must be educated and become proactive in reporting. Today, the definition of child abuse has undergone many changes in just the last couple decades. Middle aged people today (40 to 50 year olds) remember times as children when they were spanked with belts or even made to pick out their own switch for punishment. For today’s child, most punishment has become a limiting of what adults consider privileges, i.e. phone or internet use, etc… Our punishment of the past is considered to be abusive by current standards,
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