Child Abuse Within Public Schools

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Introduction: Child abuse in public school systems
Child abuse is defined as a physical or maltreatment or sexual abuse of a child. Middle class families have more reported cases of their children being abused in public schools. In this research the study of child abuse in public schools will be conducted.
The public school systems have numerous of abusers on campus that gets caught and reported. The abusers in the school system use authoritative discipline against the kids. Children under the age of eleven are normally forced to participate in sexual activities with their abuser due to their inability to recognize a predator. Authoritative abusers in the school system use their authority to discipline the kids. In order for children to grow they need discipline to shape them. The learning process to teach children the approximate behavior is disciplining them; unlike discipline abuse is not a learning process because it does not teach correct behavior. Some children that are abused in public school, their parents normally can’t afford to pay for a private school. The low-income families’ children are more prone to undergo abuse and be abused due to financial problems. Some families become abusive because they may have lost their jobs, deaths in the family or split households for example those going through a divorce. Children under eleven are easy to influence to let you do anything to them. There are closed correlation between abuse in home and abuse in school. If…
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