Essay on Child Abuse and Neglect

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Many children in the US have to endure child abuse. Most people do not understand the consequences the abused children have to live with for the rest of their lives. Because child abuse is a long-term problem, it impacts not only the child and family, but also the society as a whole. Children who are abused usually end up with self-esteem problems and lose their self-confidence. Therefore, they end up getting addicted to drugs or alcohol, which can create problems for their whole community. As adults, children who have experienced child abuse suffer long-term consequences physically and mentally, which can cause them to have more chances of abusing their own children; therefore there should be more ways to help children and…show more content…
Some caregivers never learned the skills necessary for good parenting. Teen parenting, for example, do not fully understand how much care babies and small children need. Or parents who were themselves victims of child abuse may only know how to raise their children the way that they were raised. In such cases, parenting classes, therapy, and caregiver support groups are great ways to learn better parenting skills. Living with an alcoholic or addict is also very difficult for the children and can easily lead to abuse and neglect. Alcohol or drug abuse can quickly lead to to physical abuse. Parents who are drunk or high are unable to care for their children and unable to make good parenting decisions (Saisan). When people think of child abuse they usually only think of the physical or sexual abuse, but they never think of the two other main types, which are psychological and neglect. Psychological abuse is almost always present when other forms of abuse are identified. Psychological abuse us the same as emotional abuse, meaning that the parent always tears down the child's confidence by telling them how worthless he is and how he does not belong in the family. The most common type of abuse is neglect. Neglect is the failure to provide for the child's basic needs like clothes, food, and personal hygiene (Leverich). Physical abuse is exactly how it sounds, physically injuring a child causing him to have many bruises and
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