Child Abuse and Social Work

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Lauren Szymanski Socialwork 200 November 28, 2010 Child Abuse Child abuse is horrible and it affects everyone in one way or another. Before 1963, there were no laws to protect the kids from abuse but thanks to social workers and other judicial people, there were laws passed (Pfohl). This paper is going to explain why it is so important for social workers to protect kids by talking about this history of abuse and why social workers need to be around. It will also discuss what social workers do today to prevent kids from being hurt. Social workers are useful in just about every aspect of life but in my opinion this is one of the more important jobs of a social worker because your protecting those of the future. Abuse isn’t just…show more content…
The last thing social workers do is to provide parents looking to adopt with kids. Social workers work with future adoptive parents and after they are adopted to see if they would fit in the home or if they are transitioning correctly and to make sure these parents are fit to raise kids. These are just a few things social workers are doing to help kids. I think that we are doing a great job at protecting kids to the best of our abilities. The only thing I would change is making it more aware to everyone the effects of abuse and why they should report abuse the minute they suspect it. There are some who suspect abuse and don’t say anything and that can be very detrimental to a child. We need to as a society step up and do as much as humanly possible to tackle child abuse. We need to stop the cycle of abuse so hopefully it will cycle its way out of our society. Which if it cycles its way out then we will hopefully see a future with minimal to no abuse. I mean I cant honestly say that we can get rid of abuse all together but we can try to get it down to such a small percentage that people will talk about it like it never happens anymore. At the same time we need to make sure that the parents of these abused children are not allowed to abuse them anymore. This is child abuse in nut shell. The abuse is horrible and it is so detrimental
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