Child Abuse and Violence Against Families

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Child Abuse and Violence Against Females Domestic violence in the United States has become a major problem that affects nearly 2/3 's of all people. It can affect wives, the elderly, and even men, but in this paper we will discuss the abuse that occurs to children and also violence toward women. It is widely assumed that most estimates of the incidence of domestic violence are underestimates. Even large population surveys cannot provide accurate estimates of the extent of domestic violence. This is partly because many victims feel unable to speak out about domestic violence. The pressures of negative community attitudes toward victims, feelings of shame, and fear of retribution from the perpetrator contribute to low levels of…show more content…
In an abusive environment, children are often expected to behave as if they are much older than they are. Children are often "punished" for behavior they are too young to control. Abusive parents often do not know they have to teach the behavior they want the child to have. Sometimes punishing unwanted behavior is not enough, parents and caretakers often abuse children in response to their own anger and unhappiness and it may have no relationship to what the child is doing at the time. Some common traits of abused children include: believing that they have no value, believing that they cannot affect the world around them with good behavior, and feelings angry and/or depression. In homes where violence occurs, children are at high risk of suffering psychological and emotional abuse, whether or not they are physically abused themselves. Recent evidence clearly shows that living in a family where a parent is being abused has a significant traumatic effect on children. Even when they do not observe the violence, children are usually aware that it is occurring. They are alert to the obvious tension, fear and distress in their parents. Their home, instead of being a place of security, is characterized by cruelty and fear. The longer the situation goes on the harder it is to undo its damaging effects on children 's development. Witnessing family
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