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According to Tennyson Center for Children, “A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds in the U.S.” (“Child Abuse in America”). One cannot fathom the idea of why anyone would intentionally hurt the innocent children of today’s society. Child abuse happens with children of all ages, gender, and religions. Likewise, the world can be identified as a harsh place, where child abuse occurs around the world, and is even evident in the United States. There are many factors that contribute to this repulsive behavior. Physical, sexual, and psychological cruelty are effects of child abuse. Physical abuse is a painful, devastating event that occurs on a daily basis. According to the government of Newfoundland and Labrador, …show more content…
Based on the American Humane Association some indicators of physical abuse are, “swelling and cuts on the child’s face, head, back, genital area, butt, or thighs, and wounds like bite marks, burns, broken bones, puncture marks, or missing hair” (“Child Physical Abuse”). There have been records of parents bringing their kids to the emergency room saying they fell causing breaks and fractures or burned themselves when the burns are too severe to be an accident. Medline Plus encyclopedia advises action must be taken if there is belief “a child is being abused; report it immediately, by calling Child Protective Services or the local police” (Child Abuse-Physical). By getting the local authorities involved countless of children’s lives can be saved and be given a chance to live a better, healthier life. In reality, leading a life where a child feels loved, safe, and happy can be tough if they were or are abused. The effects of physical abuse are intolerable and painful to see. The children of child abuse face danger and fear every waking minute of the day. An example of this is told in Dana’s story, “I was 15 years old. He would choke, punch, kick, slap, burn, slash, and staple me within my five years of abuse. He would strangle me to the point of near death. In the end I didn't struggle I just prayed I wouldn't wake back up to another day or minute of abuse. He would have bad days and started with sarcastic comments, name calling and belittling me,

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