Child Adolescent Population And Developmentally Impaired Persons Essay

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Introduction This paper will attempt to compare two systematic review articles on the topic of restraints and seclusion (S&R) and its implications within the child adolescent population and developmentally impaired persons. The articles should present evidence to address claims on reduction while the results of the studies provide evidence on rationales to these practices. Aggressive behaviors by both of these populations in inpatient psychiatric facilities at some point become a safety issue in terms of assault and injury for both. Both reviews focus on incidences of seclusion and restraints and ways to reduce usage. The articles aim to answer what the current state of evidence is supporting restraints and reduction methods. Nonetheless, interventions are needed to reduce restriction and restraint utilization in children and persons with developmental disabilities (Menon, Raghavendra, & Bernard 2010) Phenomenon of Interest The article Initiatives to reduce the use of seclusion and restraints on people with developmental disabilities: A systematic review and quantitative synthesis, analyzes the use of R&S within the developmental disabled. According to Gaskin, Mcvilly & McGillivray (2013) there is insufficient evidence that explores these practices among this population. There is also not enough evidence for aggression management measures and training in de-escalation procedures. The review assesses studies that introduce interventions and the effects of R&S

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