Child And Family Studies

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In the Journal of Child and Family Studies, Tavassolie, Dudding, Madigan, Thorvardarson, and Winsler researched how perceived parenting styles between mothers and fathers can impact children behaviors as well as conflicts within the marriage. How two parents perceive the other partners parenting can cause issues in the marriage as well as how the kids handle it. The kids also react differently to parenting styles and this can impact their behavior. In the summary I discussed how Nick and Melissa parent their children. Melissa has more of an authoritarianism style, while Nick has more of a permissiveness style. Melissa sees nick as permissive with the kids, even though I do not know how Nick views Melissa’s style, we can compare the…show more content…
2016). A set of questionnaires were given to the participants to complete. These included The Parenting Styles and Dimensions Questionnaire (PSDQ), Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales (PKBS), The Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL), The Conflicts and Problem- Solving (CPS), and The Short Martial Adjustment Test (SMAT). The results from the research included that as mothers and fathers self-reported parenting styles differed more from each other, martial conflict increased (Tavassolie et al. 2016). In correlation to parenting styles and child behavior, the only significant relationships found were that parents self-perceived permissiveness increased, child externalizing behaviors also increased (Tavassolie et al. 2016). Child behavior problems are also affected on how the individual parent perceives their own parenting style. “In general, as reported differences between the perception of one’s own parenting style and the perception of the spouse’s style increase, so do most behavior problems” (Tavassolie et al. 2016). Melissa tends to see herself as more authoritative than Nick, the research found that when mothers saw themselves as being more authoritative than she saw fathers, there were increased total child behavior problems and increased child internalizing behavior problems. As I
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