Child And Parental Boundaries And Self Exploration

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Grace is in late adolescence. Her pubescence body has transformed into a fully developed woman with brown eyes, brunette hair, and a slender proportioned frame. This stage is all about exploration. The parent’s role is to guide and monitor as they facilitate positive growth of the adolescent. The adolescence begins to seek an identity separate from the parent so it is important to adjust to the changing parental role. Adolescence self exploration includes defining: child and parental boundaries, experimentation with alcohol and drugs, settling on an academic track, and setting goals for the next stage of emerging adulthood.
Parenting Style Research has shown that authoritative parenting is the most effective style to develop independence, decision-making skills, high self-esteem, and sociability (Arnett, 2013). This style is a delicate balance of communicating and setting clear behavioral expectations in a loving, empathetic, and respectful way (Arnett, 2013). In adolescence good decisions are not always made so attentive parenting is vital. During late adolescence, Grace tested boundaries and warranted astute parenting skills. The authoritative parenting style was consistently implemented. For example, several times Grace violated curfew, had accidents with the car, and lied about her activities (Manis, 2009). Grace’s behavioral choices determined the amount of discipline or understanding she received. When Grace lied there was discipline and she knew the…

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