Child And Teen Beauty Pageants

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It is not easy to be in the public’s eye and constantly being watched can take a toll on a person. Hundreds of child stars have grown up to be consumed with depression, eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, and severe self-esteem issues. So why would children that perform in child and teen beauty pageants be any different? They are constantly being judged by their looks, their actions, their poise and posture, their attitude and behaviors, the list goes on and on. That could severely affect the way these children see themselves as they get older. When a child is constantly being watched and criticized in every aspect, they develop a complex and a need to be perfect, when in fact perfection does not exist. This is when their depression or drug addictions might seep in, when they realize they can never live up to the standards that others have set on them. This is a very dangerous place to be, and no child or teenager should have to suffer through such a time as this. Childhood should be full of playing outside with friends, going to the pool or amusement park, visiting the beach or the mountains with family. It shouldn’t consist of maintaining “perfection” with all the fakeness day-in and day-out, or there could be some very real consequences that might follow. Although there are massive amounts of negatives that go along with child beauty pageants, there are also some positive aspects to them. Some women have gained a great deal of success from entering into beauty
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