Child Beauty Pageants And Many People Have Different Opinions About Them

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Kayla Dowdy
Mrs. Levy
ENG 1123
22 February 2017
Child Beauty Pageants Many Children are actively involved in beauty pageants, and many people have different opinions about them. Some feel that they are good for kids, others think that all they do is harm them. Opinions vary from person to person, and reasoning also varies. But, the real question is “Do child beauty pageants harm kids in the long run?” What comes to mind when the words “child beauty pageants” are spoken? What some people think about them are, crazy moms pushing their daughters to win, and little girls dressing up to look like Barbie dolls. What these people do not see is that beauty pageants teach girls to be confident and independent. A child beauty pageant can be
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The thing you have to understand about the media is that it is a business. In order to stay in business. Drama is what captures the attention of the viewing public; so the media is going to feature the outrageous, extreme actions of the few dramatic participants that will keep their audience wanting more. To make the assumption that all pageants will have a negative effect on a kid’s self-image and self-esteem is not accurate.
In the Universal Royalty pageant, is the country’s largest child beauty pageants. There are sixty contestants form the age of zero to thirty years old, all divided into different age groups. As soon as the child can sit up on his or her own they can enter the pageant. A competition is held usually every few weeks. For this pageant the average cost of the pageant is about $655 which includes the formal wear, sportswear, and dance and talent. The average cost does not include ravel, hotel and food, which can be up to an extra hundred dollars. According to several stage mothers that participate in Universal Royalty, dresses for sports and formal wear can cost up to $12,000 with a minimum of $1,500. Based on the competition, the child is judged differently, points are scored in each domain of the pageant, and the overall points earn the participant the grand supreme title. The grand supreme winner receives one thousand dollars in cash, ten-inch crystal crown, six-foot trophy, supreme entry paid in full to nationals, tote bag,
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