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Do Child Beauty Pageants Create Sexualization? “Do Child Beauty Pageants Threaten the Realm of Childhood and Innocence? Every little girl dreams to be beautiful like a princess. Today’s children’s beauty pageants are prejudicial to a child’s development. These pageants can lead to low self-esteem and poor body image. I believe parents should not pressure these children to participate in these type of events. These beauty pageants overly expose little girls, that can eventually lead to a sex offender’s interest. Not only do these problems contribute to sexualization, these children are taught to be rewarded for their looks and appearance, not their personality. It is not right for a childhood to be taken over by superficiality. Kids…show more content…
(canning) The pageants, with all their negative side-effects, take up a large part of the child’s life. Issues with the child beauty pageants is that some participants are not even interested in it, it’s the parent’s choice. Some children are too young to make their own decisions, therefore too young to make to be exploiting their bodies, others participate because of the pressure from their parents. As Shasmus says in “Ugly Truth: TLC Show is an Abomination” the pageants are enjoyed far more by mothers of the children than the participants themselves, some tired contestants fell asleep during judging and their parents shook them awake to get back up on stage (shasmus). In Elizabeth’s Day’s “Living Dolls”, she asks a young pageant-goer about her experience. “Did she, Amber 7 years old contestant, enjoy entering the beauty pageant? Amber thinks for a second and then nods her head. Will she be entering anymore? “Yes, she pauses, a touch uncertainly, if my mummy told me to.” Perfect example of a parent pressuring their child into these competitions. Everything about a pageant is promoting superficiality. Why would we want to accelerate the process and pressure the children before even finishing primary school? Children should grow up learning that personality and intelligence are most important, not appearance. Do child beauty pageants threaten the realm of childhood and innocence? “Telka, an 11 year old who was a one-time pageant

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