Child Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

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Imagine you are at home, watching tv. Flipping through the channels, you see a preview for next week’s episode of Toddlers & Tiara’s. They show the girls dressed in frilly, sparkly attire, fake teeth, fake hair, fake tans, and makeup that could transform their faces into someone in their 20’s. These children are usually misbehaving, disobedient, overdramatic and they are between the ages of four and six. Any person could see that this lifestyle is incredibly harmful to these children not just because of what it does to their appearance, but what happens when these little girls’ minds become tainted with the thoughts of needing to be beautiful and talented in order for people to like them. They also learn that being beautiful…show more content…
It starts from the parents, usually the mother, investing all the time and money in their girls to make sure they are always taken care of. This doesn’t mean just for necessities, but for the sake of pageants, and every minor detail that goes along with the pursuit of perfection in them. Buying whatever is needed to look perfect for beauty, not to mention getting private lessons in talent or stage routines, these girls begin to think that money is no object and they should have the best of everything. In other words, they become high maintenance; always believing they should look their best. With as much attention as they get, these pageant girls begin to believe that the world revolves around them. It creates a selfish way of being, and having no concern for others unless the other interferes. If these girls can’t look perfect or get what they want, a tantrum will erupt. Click to load this video in a new window. This video shows an episode of TLC's show "Toddlers & Tiara's" where the young Mackenzie displays her 'diva' attitude. It is sad to think these girls are only expressing how they believe they should be treated or what they have been brought up to think. It is because the pressure to fit the standard of beauty and constantly being judged at such a young age creates stress that a child is just not prepared to handle yet. These children become tired, working for hours on this perfection, so
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