Child Behavior Has Deteriorated As A Reason For Kids

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Kids these Days
Many believe child behavior has worsened as a reason for kids having less empathy even though studies show younger generations are becoming more accepting of others. In an ever-increasing number, many students are entering school without the basic values, which many older generations believe this country was built on. Throughout history, education has had two primary goals: to educate people intellectually and to teach them to be morally good. Many principals spend a significant amount of time dealing with inappropriate student behavior. Students learn character from their actions reinforced from their parents or other older adults whom the model and the actions of their peers in the school.
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This work is significant because everyone is born with the capability of feeling empathy but it needs to be nurtured throughout our lives. Many believe that since many millennials are growing up with bad manners and contempt for authority. Often they contradict their parents and their teachers.
In the article by Franck Schultz, in the journal Classroom Behavior has Worsened. Schultz states that in the past few decades we have seen an increase in the number of children with behavior problems in classroom. He claims that lack of good parenting, increased use of technology, parental substance abuse, dietary changes and the economy are possible reasons for the increased children with behavior problems. Families these days have more demands on them, and both parents are often working. Parents are frustrated that their children are being abused these children. For example a child was punched in the face and hit in the head with a wooden block, causing bruising and swelling and very little is done to fix the situation. Then he says, “Some teachers agreed, off the record, that the number of problem children has increased in recent decades” (Pg.2). This means that teaching has gotten much harder which had made educating young people intellectually and to teach them to be

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