Child Behavior as Seen Through the Eyes of Marjolin Hof's Kiki

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Child behavior as seen through the eyes of Marjolin Hof's Kiki Abstract: This paper discuses in regard to Kiki, the protagonist in novel "Against the Odds" and to how she was influenced in gaining a distorted understanding regarding the social order. By observing the way that she interacts with adults one is probable to acknowledge that she actually fell victim to outside influences. Paper: Marjolijn Hof's novel "Against the Odds" presents readers with the condition of a little girl who is presented with the harsh reality of life while adults around her try to persuade her to see things from a more innocent point of view. Kiki is the novel's protagonist and she expresses intricate thinking while adults that she comes across simply try to trick her into ignoring facts that are actually real. The writer succeeds in demonstrating that children are not as absurd as one might be inclined to believe they are and that it is essential for tutors to employ complex thinking when dealing with them. Hof wanted her readers to acknowledge that children are not as limited as most people consider them to be. By presenting the case of Kiki the writer demonstrates how a young person can really be more capable to distinguish between right and wrong when compared to an adult. Kiki's mother employs rationality in trying to understand her husband and his mission and fails to observe the actual dangers that he faces as a result of embarking into missions on the front. By simply acknowledging

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