Child Behavioral Case Study Essay

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Child Behavioral Case Study

1) General Information:
Student name: Larry
Date of Testing:
Grade: 1
Date of Birth:
Chronological Age:

2) Reason for Assessment: is currently having difficulties with learning and behavior. frequently is out of his throughout the day, and answers aloud before being called on to give the answers and struggles to follow directions. also has learning difficulties in reading decoding and reading comprehension.
3) Background Information: lives with is grandparents, parents and one younger sister. Grandparents speak Spanish. Parents and children speak Spanish and English. had been ill frequently during first grade and missed a number of days of school. Parents indicated enjoys school.
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Percentile Rank: 63 Standard Score: 11
2) Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement is norm based that test oral language skill through word identification, reading fluency, story recall, and understanding directions.
Percentile Rank Standard Score Oral Language 7 78 (73-82) Letter-Word Identification 8 79 (72-82) Reading Fluency 10 8 (77-84) Story Recall 44 98(87-108) Understanding Directions 3 72(69-76)

3) Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement is comprehensive form which test mathematics applications, reading decoding, spelling, reading comprehension, mathematics computation
Percentile Rank Standard score Mathematics applications 30 92 Reading Decoding 1 66 Spelling 27 91 Reading comprehension 14 84 Mathematics computation 53 101 Reading Composites 3 72 Mathematics Composites 39 96 Battery Composites 14 84

7) Student Current Characteristics Strengths and Needs:
Weakness Strengths
Overactive and restless Very friendly with classmates and peers/ good social skills
Poor listening skills Good

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