Child Behaviors As Well As Different Parenting Styles

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As new generations form, we see different child behaviors as well as different parenting styles. Some can be admired while others may be highly negatively criticized. Many would agree that raising a child is not easy, and that finding the “best” discipline method is just as hard, but how does all this formulate? Parents, parents-to-be, or non-parents may all have desired characteristics or qualities for their future children. Some may desire their child to be obedient, respectful, and honest, while others may hope their child to be independent, intelligent, and have good manners. These desires can be considered as aspects of parents’ long term goals for their children. Variations in desired qualities for children can be seen among different ethnic groups. It is important to understand the variances in parent goals and desires among different ethnic groups to be able to distinguish the factors behind each and unique parenting style. Based on this area of focus it is hypothesized that desired qualities vary within cultures or ethnicities. Furthermore, it is also hypothesized that ethnic minorities will have desires or goals that are more family orientated, while the Caucasian majority group will have goals or values that are more individualistic.
Past Studies in Relation to this Topic (Literature Review):
Parent goals can be thought of as long-term objectives desired for children, like values and characteristics that parents aspire to see in their children as…
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