Child Birthing Practices Throughout The United States

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More than one hundred years ago, infants were born at home with no assistance other than a family doctor or midwife because there were no other alternatives. Nonetheless, with the recent advancement of medicines, child-birthing practices have changed significantly in the United States, and a process that used to be completely natural can be turned into a major procedure. Cesarean sections save the lives of mothers and babies or can offer an alternative to vaginal childbirth. Some women opt to avoid the grueling process of vaginal childbirth in fear of hours of labor and discomfort whereas others have no option. Although cesarean sections are major surgeries that can potentially pose extreme complications to the mother and baby, they can be extremely beneficial with scared mothers or in high-risk situations. A cesarean section is a surgical birthing procedure that requires the doctor to cut through the mother’s abdominal wall to remove the baby and the placenta. According to Kozhimannil (2013), from 1996 to 2011, the rate of cesarean sections increased from 20.7 percent to 32.8 percent. Many situations and circumstances can complicate birth and endanger the life of the mother and baby forcing a cesarean section. The position of the fetus is one of those dangers. The normal position of a fetus before delivery is head-down, in the cephalic position. If the baby is not in that position, vaginal delivery can be deadly for the mother and the fetus. There are a few positions that
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