Child Care Center Chapter 6 Summary

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These two chapters go hand in hand when opening or starting a center. It also have ideas of what needs to be discussed continually as a child care center is in operation. Of these two chapters, chapter 5 discusses the budgeting portion while chapter 6 focuses more on the funding of a program. Throughout the two chapters, there were a few things that I didn’t not know. In chapter 5, the thing that I didn’t not know was that money that is handled throughout the program must go through at least two people. One person is in charge of receiving and recording the funds while a second person is responsible for depositing and recording the deposits of the funds. Even though I didn’t not know about this policy that must be in place at centers,…show more content…
In chapter 5, I really enjoyed reading about managing a payroll. At my current place of employment, I remember at my orientation people discussing payroll. Something that seems so simple is more complex than I originally thought. It actually takes time for someone to go through all employees’ time cards and then process them so that employees are paid when they are supposed to be. Depending on the company, a director may make the employee in charge of inputting sick leave or vacation time. These concepts are also a part of managing a payroll. I’ve always wondered why payroll is always cut off almost five days before pay day, and after reading this, it’s because of the process it takes to control and manage the payroll. If I ever got the chance, I think it would interesting to see how to run a payroll of a center or any business in general. In chapter 6, I enjoyed reading about the different kinds of funds. These funds can be as simple as the tuition that is set for families and children of the center to scholarships and fundraising. As I read about the tuition, it brought me back to the excel document that was provided as an additional supplement for this class. I feel that tuition is another major component that can make or break a center. I feel it is important that as a director to make sure to understand the community to see how much tuition should be for families/children. It is
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