Child Care Center Environment Essay

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The environment is very important because it has an effect on our moods, how we interact with our peers and our health. In addition, the environment of the child care center plays a very important role in the children’s learning and their development, so we need to take into consideration how it is set up. In the early years of the child’s life their brains are developing at a rapid pace and they are making lots of connections. The center’s environment is very clean, but it had a very strong bleach smell, I felt like it was overpowering. Every room was set up and separated with low rising shelves so the different areas could be separated such as dramatic play area, science area, block building area where the was a carpet on the floor, reading area with cushions and pillows and even an open art table with crayons, paper and coloring books. The message I got from the environment was that it was very inviting and everything was neatly organized on the…show more content…
I have a family like setting and anyone who enters my home, I want them to feel welcomed and comfortable. Many of the children that attend my center spend a large portion of their time here. My schedule is pre-planned but on any giving day if it needs to be changed to meet the needs of the children I will do that. I support all of my children in literacy, math, science and so much more. I am proud to say with me having a play based curriculum my children get a lot out of it on a daily basis. Even though I have my daycare in my home, I see a lot of similarities between here and Freiden’s. We both believe in fostering the children’s creative side and we both love doing activities outdoors, we have specific areas for the children to do dramatic play, block play and even a quiet reading corner. My center may be small but it’s mighty in comparison to this one and I feel very comfortable in saying I love what I do and it
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