Child Care Center Observation Essay

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I chose to observe at Foster Knox Child Care Center in Warrensburg, Missouri to finish up my observation hours. When viewing this facility, it was similar to Central Village by having different age groups separated by rooms. When I first walked into the facility I didn’t notice any labeling on the doors, to identify which age group took place in that room. However, I could easily tell by looking at the children who were in the room. To finish my observations all I needed was the age group 24-36 months. This age group I was observing was located in the back of the facility. As I entered the room, I noticed it was empty, no children to be found. I then realize that it was nap time. All children were in a separate room enclosed by a door that was connected to the room I entered in. When walking in I noticed two tables were in the center of the room. A tiny restroom area was in the far-left hand corner of the room which had a sink, water fountain, and a small toilet for the children to use frequently after every activity. There is a play area as well which was located right when you walk into the room. The room was bright, and had a lot of natural light coming in from the windows. Each child had their own hook and cubby basket for their items. There were several light fixtures; however, they were not being used…show more content…
During these first couple of years, they begin building brain structures that will support learning, and develop the physical abilities they will need to be mobile and independent throughout their life. As I am finishing off this semester in my Early Childhood Observation Class, I can easily spot, identify and understand children’s unique developmental patterns and needs. Now that I have a full understanding of a child’s development, it makes it easier to identify children who may not be progressing as well as they
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