Child Care Centers in Australia

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Child Care Centers in Australia Introduction The idea of child care is not new to Australia, indeed it is commonly practiced throughout the world and it provides the child with the foundation to develop within a safe environment that provides the opportunity to socialize with other kids hence building up their personalities and psychological maturity. There are various reasons why people chose to take their children into child care centers and have someone else take care of their child for a given period of time or even during the day on a daily basis. One of the most common reasons among parents is the busy schedule that forces them to be away from the house for a long period of time, necessitating the enrollment of the child care support to help fill the gap. Apparently there is still a growing demand for the service of these facilities hence the need to have standardized service and well equipped and well located centers where the kids in the entire Australia can have quality care. As indicated by the Common Wealth of Australia (2010), the number of children between 0 to 11 years that us the child care faculties increased from 14% in 1996 to 22% in 2008. The same increment was also realized among the children using approved child care service from 804,314 in 2005 to 871,107 in 2009 which was an increment of 8% and out of these children in approved care, 69% of them are between 0-5 years bracket. The number of hours that the day care attendees spend within the
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