Child Care Facilities At The United Nation Daycare Center

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At the United Nation Daycare Center we required parent or guardian to appear in our facility office in order to perform the application enrollment. The center will provide the parent or guardian with the facility rate package and enrollment application, along with the policy and procedures of the application process.
Parent or guardian have 30 days from enrollment day to bring back all required paper in order to admit the child into our center.
Parent or guardian must provide the center with the following information: Emergency contact, Medical information if applicable, fieldtrip consent forms. Emergency information and authorization for treatment and transportation/walking field trips. This forms must be updated on an annually base.
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On behave of our facility staff members, we like to thank you for your cooperation on the matter.
In order for your child enrollment to complete we ask to please have your child’s physician complete and the Statement of Health Status Form and Immunization Form. Immunizations must be recorded on the Certificate of Immunization form supplied by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). If a parent or guardian of a child wishes an exemption from the requirement for immunizations due to religious or personal beliefs, a written statement signed by the child’s parent or guardian which states the reason for such an exemption and that the child is in good health must be submitted to the center before child is admitted. Parents or guardian must be notified in writing prior to their child’s enrollment in the center if non-immunized children are admitted to the center. An itemized fee schedule7.702.41 G
The United Nation Daycare Center are strictly based on the scheduled hours of contracted child care services.
United Nation Daycare Center will not adjust care fees for late arrival, early pickup, or missed days.
Child fee for full-time child is $450.00 per-week.
Part-time child will be $250.00 per-week.
If parent or guardian cannot meet the center required price, we ask
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