Child Care Introduction to Children

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Unit 1;

E1 Statutory; sectors that are fully funded but it depends on the boroughs. One example is school nurseries. In this setting professionals aim to make life in the setting feel like a family atmosphere for children to feel comfortable. Professionals also help children to develop with carefully chosen activities to do with the 6 learning areas, these are; language and literacy, creative development, physical development, personal social and emotional development, knowledge and understanding of the world and mathematical development. They aim to help children develop at their pace and doesn’t rush anything because they know every child is individual in their own way. The nurseries also help children feel safe and secure in the
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This helps children become involved with other people because it joins schools together as a team to work together on the well-being of the children.
Human Rights Act 1998; This act came around in 1998 and aimed to help children have major rights in their life to give their lifestyle normality and a lot more easy going when it comes to the way families are. The rights support children in a way of safety and a healthy life some examples of human rights that are important to a child’s life are; 1. freedom from torture and degrading treatment 2. the right to respect for private and family life 3. the right not to be discriminated against in respect of these rights and freedoms 4. the right to an education
If any of this rights are breached you have the right to an effective solution in law even if the breach was done by a police officer you still have the right to go to law.

E4 Every child Matters; This provides every child no matter their background or circumstances the support they will need. Every child needs to be healthy which includes growing and their development as well as their emotional and physical well being, the environment needs to be a safe place for them to be able to develop, another principle is for the children to enjoy and achieve through their learning and be able to achieve economic well-being through their life. These are crucial to be in your placement for the children to develop as the first 3
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