Child Care Level 3

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Unit 8 E1/A
I have collated evidence which describes the role of the practitioner in meeting the children’s care needs. The evidence can be found in my appendix. The evidence I have collate includes the information on compliance with legal requirements , meeting needs and supporting rights of the children, working in a team with other professional’s, working with families, training and development, inclusive practice/ attitudes and values, positive environment and care of themselves( the practitioner).
When practitioner are caring for children they will need to meet the legal requirements could include legislation such as human rights act 1998,uncrc, children act 1989/children act 2004 and equality act 2006. Human right act
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A key person can be explain by the theorist bowlby. John bowlby was one of the first people to recognise the need of babies and young people for a strong stable relationship with their primary careers. However up until 1950s it was generally thought that babies and children automatically formed. He strangest relationship with people who feed them and meet their physical needs. The next eyfs principles is enabling environment by looking after the child’s care needs. An enabling environment means making sure the children play and for the practitioners to care about the child’s well-being so making sure their clean and have good hygiene is used throughout because it will help prevent infections spreading or any kind of illness. A unique child is knowing that every child is a individual and practitioners need to treat every child the same. Discovering needs of the children through observation and using the age stage of developmental norms to access and develop targets. Observation are done to access strengths and lines of development. Although observation Can help the practitioner to find out if the child has any additional and learning or care needs such as if the child has learning difficulties that require the child to be look and cared for. For example the child cannot feed their self and will need help in feed there self.
When caring for children practitioners need to work in a team with other
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