Child Care Services

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Child Care Services, that include first, custodial services concerning health, hygiene and safety of children, second, child development services covering socialization, language skill and personality development and third, pre-school services ranging from informal learning to formal educational preparatory learning from elementary schools, was appeared to be initiated in France in 1770 in the name of “Salles d’asile” (asylum room) for serving the interest of working women. Along with custodial services, academic subjects such as reading and doing arithmetic, performing singing and drawing as extra-curricular activities were being taught in order to bring order, discipline and obedience to instructions among children (Pougatch-Zalcman,…show more content…
The fourth stream focuses on formal learning approach for the preparation of elementary school and its overall effect on child development and achievement.

Attachment theory in the context of Child Care was developed by eminent psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Edward John Bowlby as an outcome of his assignment given by the UN immediately after WWII in order to address the difficulties faced by homeless and orphaned children. The important tenet of attachment theory is that infant’s behavior associated with attachment is primarily the seeking of the proximity of an attachment figure . Within attachment theory the word attachment comes as an affectionate bond or tie between an individual and an attachment figure (usually a caregiver). In child care such bond lies between a child and a caregiver based on the child's need for safety, security and protection, paramount in infancy and childhood. Separation whether temporal or permanent causes anxiety or grief among children. The theory proposes that children attach to careers instinctively The biological aim is survival and the psychological aim is secure. Developmental Psychologist and Co-worker of Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth, in the 1960s and 70s reinforced the basic concepts of John Bowlby by developing a number of attachment patterns in infants through her concept “Secure Base” . Through her experiment “Strange Situation”, Ainsworth identified four different patterns of attachment –
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