Child : Child Development And Crime

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Child Development and Crime
Imagine you are part of a daycare. It is recess. You see kids running and playing with each other, dogs barking for attention, and some parents taking photos to capture the peaceful moment in time. You then notice a little boy sitting alone, far from the other children. He has bruises on his face and worn out clothing, just like every other day. His expression, always devoid of joy, is filled with fear and tears. And then you realize why- he is being abused. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, approximately 5 children die each day from child abuse ("Child Maltreatment 2012"). Those who survive till adulthood have been severely impacted both emotionally and psychologically. It is in human nature to be judgmental, and an abused child that grows with an extreme perspective on life as a result of poor guidance increases their chances of leading the path of crime. Even if the abused child does not become a criminal, the damage has already been done, and will stay with them forever. One of the causes of crime has largely to do with past conflicts of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. However, before discussing the link between child abuse and crime, child development must be defined and understood. As adolescents grow older, they undergo a process identified as child development. Child development observes the physical and mental progressions from infancy to the end of adolescence. It is a long-term process
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